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Attention and Listening Difficulties

All the articles in this section are written for parents/professionals working with children with attention and listening difficulties.

Some children will have attention and listening difficulties to such an extreme that they are then diagnosed with having an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These children are significantly affected by the difficulties that impact many areas of life and learning. Children with ADHD will benefit from the strategies suggested in these articles and may additionally (in severe cases) benefit from medication.

For many children though, the diagnosis of ADHD might not be necessary or appropriate. These children are just said to have an ‘Attention and Listening Difficulty’. A number of children will fall in this category: children that have grown up with persistant mild, undetected, untreated hearing loss, children who have grown up hearing media devices such as TVs constantly, children whose attention and listening skills are developing but at a pacd slower to that of their peers. The following articles are written specifically for children in this category.


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